Like Hats? This New Cubs Cap Will Blow Your Lid

I love hats, always have. As a kid, I used to collect official caps from various MLB teams — Mariners, Angels, Rockies, Royals, and more that I can’t think of — because I liked the way they looked. Then I got into a phase in which I hoarded various college snapbacks by The Game — Saint Anselm College (SAC), Connecticut College Camels, UC Irvine Anteaters, Stanford Tennis — because that was probably the most frat-tastic thing I could possibly do.

Anywho, the affinity for hats has continued, though I’m back to strictly fitteds because I always always wear them backwards. Not only is it more comfortable, but I prefer to maintain my peripheral vision. Well, unless the visor is actually useful in blocking out a little extra sunlight or I’m driving and want to use the headrest. Otherwise, it’s bills to the back away we go.

By rough mental count, I’m up to 13 different Cubs hats at this point, not counting the one I ordered 30ish minutes after the 30th out of Game 7 that has yet to process and ship. So you’d think I’d know better than to covet more. I mean, I’ve only got one head. Enter Twitterer @tinia_flab, whose NSFW string of tweets Wednesday night drew my attention to what will soon become the crown jewel of my collection.

I can see how some of you traditionalists might not feel the same way, what with the Commissioner’s Trophy being so prominent behind a smaller Cubs bullseye logo. But I love the red bill, which I still lament the team getting away from on the road. And the embroidered World Series patch on the right temple is pretty sweet. But the coup de grâce, at least for me is the embroidered Commissioner’s Trophy on the back, complete with MLB logo.


These things aren’t cheap ($39.99 retail) and they may not even ship for a couple weeks, but I had to have one. Check that most recent link if you’re as impulsive as me, or if you just want to see what other options Lids offers.

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