Cubs Clips: The Best of the Best Cubs’ Championship Tribute Videos – Special Edition Compilation

If you’re anything like me it’s impossible to ever get enough of all the celebrations that go along with the Cubs winning the World Series. I mean, even as I write that I still get chills. It’s an amazing thing to be able to look back on and I love all of the tribute videos I’ve seen that celebrate the greatness of this team and the incredible city of Chicago.

I wanted to pull together some of my favorite Cubs videos and put them all in one place so we can all look back and enjoy this incredible moment in Chicago Cubs history anytime we’d like. So here’s a rundown of some of the best compilations and tributes to the World Champion Chicago Cubs. Enjoy!

The greatest non-family moment of my life!

Priceless GIF of Joe Maddon’s elation as Kyle Schwarber beelines to the field.

The mother of all champagne showers goes to Kyle Schwarber.

Championship tribute by the Chicago Cubs to Eddie Vedder’s ‘Someday We’ll Go All the Way.’

A 360 degree view of the post-World Series victory locker room scene as Tom Ricketts is handed the World Series Championship trophy.

Harry Caray calls the final out of the World Series (yes, I have tears…) in such a cool video.

That moment when the Cubs WON IT ALL!

A look back at the World Series and some of the most amazing, spine-tingling moments.

Go Cubs Go, sung by Brett Eldredge and the Chicago Cubs players and fans at the Championship rally held at Grant Park on Friday, November 4, 2016.

A touching tribute video to the World Series Champs.

I love this one because it’s like a mini-documentary of the World Series and does a great job capturing the feeling of some of the most critical moments as the Cubs progressed towards their World Championship.

The official ‘All the Way’ video is a very cool tribute to the fans, the team and management – the people – that make the Cubs a truly beautiful story. 

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