Cubs Clips: Awesome Fan Video of David Ross Home Run in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series

When the Cubs added David Ross to the team in December of 2014 ( it was thought that the addition was mainly made to support the acquisition of Jon Lester. Lester and Ross had grown accustomed to working with each other over two seasons and 29 games in Boston. Little did we know what the Cubs were really getting.

Now, David Ross is a legend in Chicago. A man who is viewed as a leader in the clubhouse, an honorable man who loves his family and a smiling face that will stick with Cubs fans forever. In the simplest view, he is a hero, a man I feel proud to be able to point to as an example for my children, to serve as a role model.

When Ross entered game 7 of the World Series in the bottom of the fifth inning, the Cubs had a comfortable 5-1 lead. He and Jon Lester inherited a base runner and then Jason Kipnis laid down a swinging bunt that Ross had trouble fielding, throwing the ball into the stands which allowed the runners to advance to 2nd and 3rd base. In the next at-bat, Jon Lester bounced a ball off the dirt several feet in front of home plate and it pounded directly off Ross’ mask. As Ross fell back he struggled to get to the ball in time to stop two runs from scoring. Suddenly, the Cubs lead had shrunk to two runs in, what was arguably, the most important game in the Cubs long, storied history.

Jon Lester would strike out Francisco Lindor to get out of the inning. David Ross was up second in the top of the sixth inning. I have to be honest, when he struck that ball and it flew over the center field wall, I thought the Cubs had the game in the bag. Conceptually, they really should’ve but we all know how things proceeded from there. I’m thankful the Cubs pulled it out, thankful they won the way they did, but I’ll never forget the moment that David Ross hit this home run, one the Cubs would end up needing in order to send the game into extra innings. Enjoy.

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