Don’t Let the Salt Yuck Your Yum When it Comes to Celebrating a Cubs Title

I’ll not deign to include any of the social media messages here, but suffice to say not everyone is happy about the Cubs’ World Series victory. Some are outright angry that the “most deserving team” didn’t prevail. Others have adopted an “act like you’ve been there” stance, which, yeah.

Here’s the thing, though: No one deserves this title more than the Cubs and their fans.

Are some folks going to get so obnoxious about it that even fellow fans will have to tell them/us to shut up? Maybe. But don’t any of you dare kowtow to the salty haterz out there tossing out their bitter pearls of wisdom. I try to avoid telling people how to fan, but I’m not above telling people not to tell people how to fan. Wait, what?

All I’m really trying to say is that you should celebrate this title however you damn well please for as long as you damn well please. Spend all the money and buy all the shirts and hats and commemorative DVDs you can afford. Go to Michael’s or wherever and have your newspapers and magazines and tickets and rally towels professionally framed so they serve as a lasting memory. Retweet and share on Facebook the video of Bill Murray, Dexter Fowler, David Ross, and Anthony Rizzo singing Go, Cubs, Go.

And if the fun police try to pull you over, just honk the horn, hang that W flag out the window, and punch the gas.

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