Jed Hoyer Issues Second Tweet

Perhaps one day we’ll get the straight dope on the apocryphal origin story of Jed Hoyer’s Twitter account and what was, until very recently, the lone communique tied to it. I’ve heard at least one rumor that Anthony Rizzo might be behind it, but the safe money is on Theo Epstein.

Here’s the tweet in question for those of you who’ve neither indulged in timely retweets of it or who’ve missed out on its subsequent entry into Cub lore:

Epstein is an incredibly erudite man who knows a bit about proper comportment in public situations, but it’s clear that he knows how to tip it back and cut loose a little too. Heck, he told the world he was going on a month-long bender and that Hoyer was in charge. Strikes me that one of the byproducts of said bender was a new tweet:

Dude, savage. You know what I’m really loving about this right now, aside from the fact that whoever’s responsible for this actually remembered the password for the account six years later? I think the follow-up tweet was more than just a drunken whim. Heck, it’s probably been saved in draft form for a while now, just waiting for the perfect moment. Pop the cork on a bottle of champagne, pop the cork on an epic follow-up tweet.

Is it childish and crass? Absolutely. But is it also super hilarious and another example of just how fun this Cubs team is to follow.

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