Cubs Victory Parade Friday, Wrigley Field to Grant Park

If you happened upon this via SEO, click here to watch the live broadcast.

I was really hoping they’d push the celebration back to next week, but it looks like Chicago with fete the Cubs Friday instead. That according to Danny Ecker of

The floats or buses or whatever the Cubs are using will depart Wrigley at 10am CT and will head down Michigan from Oak to Ohio, then along Columbus between Monroe and Balbo. They will then arrive at Grant Park around noon.

Fans have been asked to congregate either on Addison from Sheffield to Pine Grove or along either of the other streets (Michigan and Columbus) listed above. Everyone is going to have to pass security screenings at Michigan and Jackson or Michigan and Congress. Authorities have said that there will be a zero tolerance policy for drinking — I assume they’re talking about booze — on streets and sidewalks, so make like me when I’m in line for the bleachers and pour your 40’s into Big Gulp cups.

Pretty standard setup, really, and I’m thinking there’ll be at least a couple dozen souls there to greet the world champions. It doesn’t look as though I’ll be able to make it, so I’ll need some of you to cheer a little louder for me.

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