Chicago Cubs Lineup – World Series Game 7: One Final Game for a World Championship

This is the day that Cubs fans have been waiting their whole lives for – one game for a World Championship. Win, and it’s instant legend status. Of course, I’d argue that this entire postseason has already reached legend status but this, oh my, how special it would be.

Kyle Hendricks will take the mound for the Cubs in a situation that none would have guessed he’d find himself in at the start of this season. There’s been a lot that’s happened, I think I’ve aged a good 2-3 years throughout, but it’s been simply amazing to watch as Kyle has developed into a world-class pitcher.

Hendricks will be matched up against the Indians ace, former Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber. This will be the third time in the World Series that the Indians have ridden their thoroughbred pitcher and the second time in just four days. The first three innings tonight are going to be key for the Cubs to see if they can get to Kluber early. If they do, this could turn into a pitching turn-style for the Indians. Of course, don’t expect the Cubs to leave anyone on the bench either.

Joe Maddon is calling on a lineup very similar to last night, in fact it’s the exact same lineup. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

If you didn’t see the incredible fan video of Addison Russell’s game 6 grand slam you can watch it here. And watch the Cubs game 7 Hype video here.

Here’s the Chicago Cubs World Series lineup for game 7:


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