Final Score NLCS Game 3 – Dodgers 6, Cubs 0: Arrieta Unable to Tame Dodgers, Cubs Live On

I want to be positive, but after a loss like that, it’s hard. I get it. The Cubs – our Cubs – are one series away from the World Series and they just laid a big ole’ ugly egg. They aren’t hitting well and tonight the pitching, the same pitching that was the savior last year, just wasn’t there.

Damn it!

The Cubs are not sunken, they are not even close. This series, as dire as it may seem, feel, look, is not nearly over. Remember that, my friends. In fact, savor this. Yes, savor it. Because there are times during a baseball season when all seems lost – lest you forget about July of this year – and when your team seems as though they may never win again. And when you awaken from that slumber you realize that it’s just what baseball does, how it acts, how it is. And out of these things comes glory. Be patient.

Jake was not Jake of old tonight. He got hit hard and he struggled for most of the game, giving up two home runs in the process. Jake is not Jake. It sucks but he’s just not the same guy we saw last year or at the beginning of this year. Believe me, I want him to be ‘that guy’, but he just isn’t.

Damn it!

The Cubs offense looked like it would break through early but it didn’t. In the second inning they managed to get two runner’s on base with only one out, but an Addison Russell strikeout and a Miguel Montero ground out later, and the scoring threat had ended. The Cubs didn’t get another runner in scoring position until the 8th inning, and that ended in a strikeout by Kris Bryant.

Well, like I lead with….it was ugly (Box Score – if you dare!)

Stats that matter

  • Jake was suboptimal – 5.0IP, 4R, 6H, 5Ks, 2HR
  • In spite of the game being practically over, Mike Montgomery had a rough night as well – 1.0IP, 2R, 2H, 1K
  • The Cubs had four hits, of which, Kris Bryant had two

Bottom line

This was super ugly. I mean really, really, really ugly. So ugly that…ok, well, you get the point. It’s really one of those games you have to just walk away from. You can’t spend any time trying to figure it out – it’s way to late in the season/playoffs for that – and if you do, it’ll drive you bonkers. Just walk away.

Next up 

The Cubs are in Los Angeles again on Wednesday night. Game time is at 7:08 PM CT and John Lackey will take the ball for the Cubs.

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