Cubs Twitter Account Dunks on Frank Kaminsky

Somebody’s always got to be that guy. Tired of being dunked on by people in real life, the Charlotte Hornets’ Frank Kaminsky found himself getting owned in a little Twitter beef after he rocked a BARTMAN 44 Cubs jersey Monday night when he came to town to face the Bulls. The Lisle, Ill. native grew up a White Sox fan and explained to CSN Chicago that he’s grown tired of all his bandwagon-jumping friends cheering for the Cubs.

Cool story, bro.

Never ones to let a good joke pass them by, @Cubs shared a GIF and hilarity ensued.

You know it’s going to end poorly when you’re already recycling your bad jokes.

Okay, at least that’s fresh.

Boom, done. Drop the mic, throw in the towel. He’s out cold. But wait…he’s…yes, I think he’s still moving.

Nope, it was just an involuntary twitch. Listen, I’m all about a little good-natured ribbing and I can accept it when there’s a mutual respect going on. But when someone just goes full meatball and spits out raggedy-ass tropes like some kind of mindless troll-bot, it gets my dander up. Frank the Tank has it all: the custom jersey complete with tape over the logo so it’s not really a Cubs jersey, the talk of Bartman and goats and 108 years (which is incongruous anyway), and a complete lack of self-awareness.

He did score 14 points and grab 3 rebounds in the Hornets’ overtime win, though, so there’s that. Can you tell I’m trying to find a way to pass the time between now and the start of Game 3?

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