MLB Postseason Predictions You Can Take to the Bank…Or Not

Here it is, folks, the moment none of you have been waiting for. I hope you’ve got your dialing finger hovering over your bookie’s contact info so you can call him as soon as you’re done reading the prognosticatory information I’m about to drop on you. On second thought, better save that money for something more worthwhile. But if you absolutely must gamble, you’ll probably want to bet heavily against my picks.

I’ve included polls for the Wild Card games in order to see what all six of you reading this think will happen, and I’ll continue to do that for each round as the matchups are set. Rest assured that I’ll provide a bit more analysis and rationale as we advance in the postseason as well. For now, gaze upon the majesty of my picks.

AL Wild Card: Blue Jays over Orioles

[poll id=”12″]

NL Wild Card: Mets over Giants

[poll id=”13″]


Prediction: Blue Jays over Rangers (5 games)

[poll id=”16″]

Prediction: Red Sox over Indians (4 games)

[poll id=”17″]


Prediction: Dodgers over Nationals (5 games)

[poll id=”15″]

Prediction: Cubs over Mets Giants (4 games)

[poll id=”14″]


Red Sox over Blue Jays (6 games)


Cubs over Dodgers (6 games)

World Series

Cubs over Red Sox (5 games)

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