Chicago Cubs Lineup – Oct 1, 2016: Lester Rolling with the Regulars

Welcome to game number 161. The Chicago Cubs (102-57) have had one heck of a season and now it’s almost time to shift the focus to the playoffs.

Jon Lester (19-4, 2.28 ERA) will be pitching today as he looks to add to his spectacular season. He’s going for his 11th win in the second half of the season. He hasn’t lost a game since before the break, on July 3 against the Mets.

Lester will be backed by all regulars again today. This lineup is going to be very close to the lineup we’ll see in the playoffs from Joe Maddon. The biggest question will be who plays in left field. Today it’s Kris Bryant with Javy Baez covering third base. Personally, this is my preferred lineup for the Cubs. I love having Javy in the order and he’s a better defender at third base than Kris Bryant – not that Kris is bad, mind you. And, I think Bryant is the best defender the Cubs have in left field.

Here’s the rest of today’s Chicago Cubs lineup.


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