Chicago Cubs Lineup – Sept 28, 2016: Jake Arrieta on the Mound, Regulars are Back

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Take, for instance, Jake Arrieta (18-7, 2.85 ERA). He’s arguably the third best pitcher this season on the Chicago Cubs. The ironic part of that is that he’d be the number one on almost every other team in the league. That just goes to show how amazing the Cubs’ starting pitching has been this year under Joe Maddon. They have a league-leading 2.88 ERA.

Joe Maddon is playing what is likely very close to the starting lineup come playoff time. The one unknown is whether Chris Coghlan would be starting in left field – assuming he makes the postseason roster – or whether Jorge Soler would be the starter. Of course, that also depends on match-ups and whether Jorge has fully recovered from his right side tightness.

Here’s tonight’s Chicago Cubs lineup.


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