50 Shades of Graybeard: Cubs Produce Awesome Tribute Video for David Ross

Despite spending only about 13 percent of his MLB career in Chicago, David Ross has been embraced by fans and teammates as if he’s been there since his debut in 1972. Okay, it was actually 2002, but the dude’s been around for a while nonetheless. Ross joined the Cubs shortly after Jon Lester and, though he wasn’t nearly as heralded a pickup, he quickly established himself as the perfect veteran foil for the youth movement.

Prior to Friday’s game against the Cardinals, the Cubs honored Ross with a framed jersey and home plate, a number 3 panel from the scoreboard, and a tear-jerking tribute video. The four-minute 50 Shades of Graybeard flick featured Rossy’s first RBI and 100th homer, celebrations with the Red Sox and Cubs, that heaving hustle around third in Jon Lester’s 18th win, and heartfelt messages from several teammates. And, of course, there was Crawly in the front row.

I know he’ll never read this, but I’d like to thank David Ross as well. As a fan and blogger, it’s been awesome to watch and write about him these past two seasons and to see what he’s meant to this team and the individual players as they’ve come together and into their own. You’ll be missed, Grandpa, try not to suck.

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