Kyle Schwarber Running Drills, Imaginations Running Wild

First he narrated a brief hype video. Then he grinned coyly when Kelly Crull asked about the possibility, however slim, of his return to the roster.

“You’ll see me on the bench,” War Bear teased.

Okay, it’s really not much of a tease because we’ve already been told that he’s not going to play until spring training in 2017, but…

Think about it: the World Series would offer an opportunity to employ a DH in four games, and would a post-injury Kyle Schwarber really be a worse option than Miguel Montero? I know what Theo Epstein said, but I find it difficult to trust the words of a charlatan who’d hide behind a fake mustache while forcing paying fans out of their general admission bleacher seats.

Maybe when they said War Bear was out for the season they just meant the regular season. And maybe when he said he’d be on the bench, he meant as a player and not just a mascot. And maybe…nah, it ain’t gonna happen.

Though I’ve known for some time that the dude’s not coming back, I’m not going to give up the last vestiges of hope for him pulling a Willis Reed until Kris Bryant hits a walk-off homer to end the World Series. Don’t talk to me about getting his timing back, man, this is some Fantasy Island isht here. With little else to look forward to over the next three weeks, I’m just replaying those images of Schwarber hammering homers last October.

Even absent hope for the impossible, the reality of War Bear’s progress is still something to take heart in. If you don’t mind, though, I’ma let my imagination run wild for a while yet.

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