Chicago Cubs Magic Number Watch: One. More. Win. (Video)

A magical season comes down to this. A definable moment. A Championship moment. The first of what we hope to be several before the end of this season. The key is that the first goal of the 2016 season is going to be accomplished and much sooner than most would have expected.

For those of us that were lucky enough to be there for the first spring training game and those who will be at the game tonight, it’s been a magical ride. For me, it’s been quite a personal journey. Of course, writing every day about the Cubs and then seeing it all come down to this first significant moment of the season has me feeling a bit reflective, if you will. Glancing up at the schedule on my bulletin board, marked with every win and loss, I can’t help but wonder what the players must be feeling right now.

Tonight is going to be exciting, for the players, for the fans. Because tonight the Cubs will take the field for the first time this season knowing that if they win the game they will be the 2016 National League Central champions. Let that settle in….let it wash over you like the magic that it is. These moments come far too infrequently to not pause, to not reflect.

I have to admit, I teared up watching this video…I did. Because no matter what we thought before the season, no matter how we felt at the end of last season, no matter….we are Cubs fans and this is a moment that deserves savoring.

As I wrote in my opening day post – and I hope to write several more times this season – “Moments like this come far less often then they should. It’s that moment of anticipation for something you’ve waited for nearly all your life. It’s the moment before your first kiss. It’s the moment before your sixteenth birthday. It’s the moment you first drive away from your parents house with your car loaded down. It’s THAT kind of moment today.”

Embrace the moment, my friends. I’ll see you at the game.

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