Watch: JavyAir Baez Scores from Second on Infield Hit

Javy Baez is one fearless sumbitch.

After singling to lead off the 5th against Madison Bumgarner, and just as Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies were talking about how it’s nearly impossible to steal on the battery of Bumgarner and Buster Posey, Baez took off for second. He beat the throw easily as Matt Szczur struck out, setting up an RBI situation for Jake Arrieta.

The Cubs ace hacked at the first pitch he saw, a slider, and sent it bouncing down the line toward third. Giants corner man Eduardo Nunez tried to barehand the ball, but it scooted just beneath his fingers. Javy had kept his eye on the play the whole time and never even hesitated when he saw that Nunez had whiffed. Baez flew home as unsuspecting shortstop Brandon Crawford loafed behind the play, eventually recovering and firing to Posey.

The throw was too late, though, as Javy slid in safely to score the Cubs’ first run of the game.

This just isn’t the kind of thing you see at this level, folks. It’s more of a Little League or beer league softball move that you pull when you know the defense is equal parts slow and inept. The Giants are neither of those, but JavyAir Baez is a different animal. As the play was unfolding, I was thinking it’d be awesome if he just broke for home, knowing that there’s no way it would happen.

And that’s pretty much Baez in a sentence. Dude just does stuff you don’t think is possible. Man, I love watching him play.

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