War Bear’s Return Goes From ‘Most Likely Probably Not’ to Plain Old Not

It was just a week and a half ago that Kyle Schwarber offered no comment on the timetable for his return before coyly adding “most likely probably not.” The scoreboard-topping slugger then went on to say that, while he was pushing himself to get back as soon as possible, spring was the most likely scenario.

We knew all along that a return in 2016 was incredibly unlikely, that it was illogical to expect a full recovery in only 6 months. Still, the potential for the Cubs to play deep into October and the idea that Schwarber could be rostered as a pinch-hitter and/or DH served to fan the dying embers of hope. And, c’mon, it’s War Bear. Dude could rub a little dirt on the knee and be good to go.

Alas, Theo Epstein laid waste to dreams of a storybook Willis Reed-like return when he spoke to the media prior to Monday’s Cubs/Pirates game. The Cubs baseball boss stated with no small measure of finality that Schwarber would not be returning this season. Ah, but what about the postseason?

Sorry, folks, that ain’t happening either. I know, I’m upset about it too. I still maintain that War Bear could probably turn around and bat righty to keep the stress off of his surgically reconstructed right knee and could swat a few dingers swinging with just his right arm.

It’s probably for the best that Epstein went ahead and popped this balloon now so we can avoid any further buildup as the season winds down. Besides, this’ll make it even more dramatic when Schwarber strolls to the plate in Game 7 of the World Series…next year.

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