Cubs Twitter Account Has Some Fun with Cell’s Name Change

The wily rascals behind the @Cubs Twitter account have turned a once dormant property into one of the most clever and interactive in pro sports. Whether it’s battling trolls or sharing GIFs, they’re doing social media right. Every once in a while, that may mean having a little fun at another team’s expense.

Earlier in the afternoon, news had broken that the naming rights to US Cellular Field had been sold to Guaranteed Rate through at least the end of the Sox’s lease in 2029. Full details were not disclosed, so it’s not yet known exactly how much more money Jerry Reinsdorf will have to not put back into the team. It’s reported that the deal could be worth $6.4 million annually, a fair increase over the approximately $3.4 million under the expiring pact.

Guaranteed Rate Field, huh? Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking about that report when Willson Contreras went oppo to increase the Cubs’ lead at Petco Park. Hey, what about Cutco Field for the Sox? You know, because of Sale and the jerseys? Sorry, I’ll see myself out. But not before I tie this up.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get it. Not to be outdone, the Bears got in on the intra-city ribbing. They were, uh, slightly more blunt though.

Fire, yo. But if you think that’s lit, just wait for the napalm that’s gonna be dropped when the Cubs sell naming rights to Wrigley for a billion or so. I’m only sorta kidding.

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