Cubs Clips: WATCH Kris Bryant Nail His 33rd Home Run, Fan has Priceless Reaction

Kris Bryant just hit his 33rd home run last night. It was his 5th home run in six games. He’s mega-popular with the fans, great baseball player, incredible looks, all-around nice guy. Heck, right now I’m planning out how I’m going to get my 4-year-old son’s picture taken with him at Spring training next year.

When Kris hit’s a home run, signs a ball, takes a picture with a fan, or just says ‘hi’, it’s usually a pretty fun moment for whatever fan was just on the end of that. That was never more evident than when he lined a home run in last night’s game. The fans reaction was priceless. Pretty much what every fan feels like – on the inside – whenever they’re fortunate enough to cross paths with the young star. Except this fan actually figured out a way to show his excitement for all to see. Enjoy.



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