2016 MLB Postseason Schedule Released; Clear your Schedules Now!

The day that Cubs fans have been waiting for since opening day of Spring training is coming soon. That’s the day the playoffs begin and Major league Baseball just released the 2016 Postseason schedule. And yes, I realize the picture in this post is the World Series logo and not the 2016 playoff logo. That’s because, if we’re being completely honest here, this isn’t about just making the playoffs anymore, it’s about making it to and winning the World Series.

The Cubs are leading baseball with the best record at 79-45 and have a 12.5 game lead over the second place St. Louis Cardinals. This team was built to not only make it to the playoffs, which shouldn’t be a problem, but to win it all. This is exciting and it’s something Cubs’ fans will be able to enjoy for several years, as this teams grows and becomes even better.

For now, let’s focus on the task at hand – or soon to be at hand – with the 2016 MLB Postseason Schedule.

2016 Postseason schedule

Assuming the Cubs finish with the best record in the National League – the Nationals are 6 games behind the Cubs with a 73-51 record – they would host the winner of the Wild Card Game on October 7 and 8 in the NLDS. The series will then move to the away team’s ballpark and return to Chicago on October 13, only if a game five is necessary.

The NLCS will begin on October 15.

The World Series begins on October 25 and the American League has home-field advantage because somehow there are people who actually think the World Championship home-field advantage should be determined by having a bunch of superstars not looking to get hurt play each other in a meaningless game in the middle of July. That rule has got to be changed, but I’ll save my diatribe on that for the off-season.

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