Hey, I Don’t Suppose You’d Wanna Watch the Cubs’ 12 Longest Home Runs of the Year

I suppose it’d be easy enough for you to search the interwebs on your own, but I’m nothing if not an altruist. So for you, my loyal and adoring readers, I have compiled videos of the Cubs’ 10 12 longest home runs of the season (I had to add two more after the trip to Denver. All distances per ESPN Home Run Tracker (which uses “true distance” and also lists fun details like launch angle, apex, and exit velocity). You should really go check it out if you’re into dingers.

In the meantime, have fun watching these monster blasts and I’m sorry about the ads on MLB.com.

12) Anthony Rizzo, July 20 – 435 ft (Bartolo Colon, Wrigley Field)

11) Dexter Fowler, April 18 – 435 ft (Mike Leake, Busch Stadium)

10) Anthony Rizzo, April 20 – 436 ft (Carlos Martinez, Busch Stadium)

9) Jorge Soler, August 17 – 437 ft (Jimmy Nelson, Wrigley Field)

8) Kris Bryant, June 2 – 442 ft (Julio Urias, Wrigley Field)

7) Jake Arrieta, April 10 – 442 ft (Shelby Miller, Chase Field)

6) Anthony Rizzo, June 27 – 446 ft (Ross Ohlendorf, Great American Ballpark)

t-4) Addison Russell, August 21 – 447 ft (Jorge De La Rosa, Coors Field)

MLB.com doesn’t have the video available to embed, but you can see it here.

t-4) Anthony Rizzo, July 20 – 447 ft (Bartolo Colon, Wrigley Field)

3) Jorge Soler, May 27 – 452 ft (Adam Morgan, Wrigley Field)

2) Kris Bryant, June 8 – 461 ft (Jonathan Niese, Wrigley Field)

1) Kris Bryant, August 20 – 471 ft (Jeff Hoffman, Coors Field

A little fun with numbers here:

  • All 10 HR’s were hit at least 107 mph
  • Bryant’s at #1 was hardest at 115.1
  • Arrieta’s was “slowest” at 107.1
  • Bryant’s at #6 was highest with apex of 125 feet
  • Fowler’s at #9 was lowest with apex of 76 feet
  • Only 2 on the list would not have been out of all 30 parks
  • Bryant’s longest is tied for 26th in MLB this year
  • Rizzo’s was longest, but Bryant homered 3 times on 5/27
  • Arrieta also homered in 5/27 game at GABC
  • Rizzo’s blasts off Colon were longest and 4th longest he’s allowed in 2016
  • 9 of the top 25 longest HR’s have been hit at Coors Field
  • Giancarlo Stanton has 3 of the 9 longest HR’s in 2016

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