Watch: Javy Baez Transcends Description with Diving Tag, Monster Blast

I’m gonna keep the description short since I already indicated that in the header. As he’s wont to do on the reg, Javy Baez once again did Javy Baez things on Tuesday night in the second half of a double header.

In the top of the 4th, David Ross fired wide trying to catch Hernan Perez at second base and Ben Zobrist hustled into center to retrieve the ball. Baez, playing short, was well off the base and drifting near the outfield grass when he saw Chris Carter trying to take second. Like a running back who stays in to pass protect before scooting into the flat, he broke for the bag, spun, and accepted the throw from Zo before diving to break the plane, er, tag the runner.

Ah, but the unicorn wasn’t satisfied with simply shutting the Brewers down. After a questionable call and a worse replay review prevented the Cubs from adding on in the 5th, Baez came up in the 6th with bad intentions. When Rob Scahill — the not-so-cleverly-concealed generic grocery-store version of the Cubs’ starter in the first game Tuesday — cut loose a fastball, Javy cut loose that beautifully violent swing.

You guys watch the video, I’ve gotta fan myself for a bit.

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