I Want To Believe in Jorge Soler

The truth is out there if you are willing to see it. FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder believes that truth is a massive government conspiracy to hide the arrival of aliens on Earth. I believe that truth is that Jorge Soler will be a superstar baseball player. Sure, the naysayers have their voice: there are no aliens and Soler is injury prone they crow. But I want to believe, so I choose to ignore the “warnings” from those of you baseball Scullys out there.

I’ve seen what I’ve seen from Soler and can’t deny it. I’ve seen a home run in his first career at-bat in Cincinnati. I’ve seen two massive home runs to stun the Cardinals in Busch Stadium. I’ve seen hot streaks so bright they blind even the non-believers for a moment. And I’ve seen the playoff star turn that made even the harshest critics start to believe, if only for a game or two.

[beautifulquote align=”left” cite=””]I believe the power of Georgie’s stardom will overcome all those who conspire against him.[/beautifulquote]

Like Agent Mulder, I’ve heard the snickers and the teasing. If Fox was “Spooky” Mulder, I’m “Georgie” Holland to the more rational citizens of Cubdom. Soler is too injury prone to ever play consistently, they say. He isn’t a good enough fielder to be an everyday starter in the National League. But to me those are just minor hurdles Soler will overcome on his path to stardom.

Like the Smoking Man who works to thwart Mulder, Soler has his own foes. MLB umpires work in a dark conspiracy to rob the massive Cuban of his plate discipline. They call their nefarious product of their unholy cabal the “Soler Strike Zone,” and many an at-bat has been stolen away from Mr. Sunshine before he can perform his magic. Yet I believe the power of Georgie’s stardom will overcome all those who conspire against him.

In the end, no matter what others say or do, I will keep believing in Jorge Soler. I want to believe in the Cuban crusher and his ceiling. I will always be out there searching for Soler’s stardom. The truth is out there.

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