Roster Update: Spencer Patton Yo-Yo’s Back to Iowa to Make Room for Joe Smith

I have to admit, I’m pretty happy about being able to use the word “yo-yo” in a title. Although, I’m pretty sure that Spencer Patton wishes that it wasn’t in reference to him.

The Chicago Cubs’ reliever was called up on Monday to fill in after the disastrous start on Sunday by Brian Matusz – which got him quickly axed – left the Cubs’ bullpen drained.

Thanks to a complete-game shut-out by the Cubs’ Kyle Hendricks in Monday’s game, the Cubs didn’t end up needing Patton to pitch after all.

As we covered yesterday, the Cubs traded for RHP Joe Smith, sending prospect Jesus Castillo to the Anaheim Angels in exchange for Smith. That meant a roster move was forthcoming and we’ve now learned that move means Patton will head right back to Iowa without seeing a minute of playing time.

It’s the third recall for Patton this year and normally I’d say that we’ll probably see him again but, with the trades the Cubs made to shore up the bullpen, the chances of that seem much less likely now.

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