Updated Reports Indicate 4-For-1 Deal for Chapman Nearly Complete, No Extension Discussed

Joel Sherman of the New York Post has some more details this morning on the deal to send Gleyber Torres and other players to the Yankees in exchange for Aroldis Chapman.

Sherman later qualified that it’s not Javier Baez in the deal.

So that’s a lot to mull through, but it basically comes down to potential 4-for-1 deal with Torres and Warren as the main pieces from the Cubs in exchange for a rental of Chapman. That is pretty scary to me. What’s that? Oh, I didn’t clarify the rental part after last night’s report that an extension was part of the mix?

If this is all true, it seems like an insanely high price to pay for a guy who provides an incremental improvement in the last third of a few games over the next three months. Like, super-duper crazy high. I’ve been trying to see this as a good move from a purely baseball sense, but even that ability eludes me at this point. There’s this, though:

If you’re interested in more of my thoughts on the matter and how to discuss it intelligently, here you go.

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