How Are My 10 Bold Predictions Looking at the Halfway Mark?

In what has become an annual tradition, I make 10 bold predictions for the Cubs in the upcoming season, then I look back at them throughout the season. There’s not a great deal of thought involved, either for me or you, which makes it the perfect filler for the last day of the break. It’s intellectual hot dogs.

Let’s take a look at how I did:

Kris Bryant will hit 40+ home runs

I think this one is pretty safe, given that the “overrated” do-it-all corner man currently leads the NL with 25 bombs.

Three second-year players will make the All-Star team

Right again! Well, with the help of a technicality. I never really qualified “second-year,” so super sophs Bryant and Addison Russell make two. Jon Lester and Dexter Fowler bring the total to four, so I was actually a little short.

Jake Arrieta will repeat as Cy Young

Whiffed on this one, probably. Arrieta could still recapture lightning in a bottle, but Clayton Kershaw is just…yeah.

The Cubs will win 100 games

This looked like a given prior to their wet fart of a month to close out the first half. They’ll have to go 47-27 (.635) through Game 162 to get it done, which is doable but not necessarily likely.

Jason Heyward will hit 25 home runs

Moving on…

Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell will win Gold Gloves

Could happen.

Kyle Schwarber will be a good left fielder

I remain convinced that this will yet be true, though blowing his knee out on an outfield collision doesn’t really make a strong case.

Theo Epstein will get a 5-year, $40 million extension

Still waiting on this one, but I might be undervaluing the deal.

John Lackey will not yell at any teammates

I think I’m still good on this one.

No one will freak out when the Cubs lose the season opener

I’m wrong because they didn’t lose the opener, but there have been plenty of freakouts. I’ll call this a wash.

Thanks for sharing this sandwich with me.

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