Cubs Season Explained in Two Vines (And Some Words)

Okay, I’m actually going to add a few words in here, but the Vines below will suffice for those of you who are either tired of my schtick or are just plain illiterate. The Cubs started the season looking like an unstoppable juggernaut of awesomeness from which there was no escape. Lately, however, it seems as though they’ve been possessed by a malicious entity that needs to be compelled by the power of Christ and then killed with fire.

Friday’s abomination of a game encapsulated both the highs and lows of the season as the Cubs climbed out of an early hole before absolutely browning themselves in the late innings. Jake Arrieta was lit up in the 2nd, but then settled in and looked like himself for the next few frames. He was at 75 pitches through 6 innings and appeared to have rediscovered the efficiency that has eluded him of late.

Yeah, about that.

Arrieta managed only 13 more pitches as he walked the leadoff hitter in the 7th before surrendering hits to the next two batters. Joe Maddon pulled his starter, but all three runners eventually came around to score. The 6 earned runs were the most Arrieta has allowed since August 28, 2014 and this marks the first time in his Cubs career that he has allowed 4 or more earned runs in three consecutive starts. That’s poopy.

I have already written enough about Arrieta’s struggles and how everything he’s doing is correctable. But with each start that goes by with poor results, my confidence is eroded just a little more. If there’s a silver lining to all of this, it’s innings 3-6. Too bad the gray clouds burst free of said lining and completely filled the sky.

If you really want to sum up the game and the season, though, you need look no further than Miggy Montero. When he came up with a man on in the 6th immediately following a double play, it was widely assumed that the inning was over. And then he went and did the impossible (yes, I tried to get cute and splice a foul into a homer).

Ah, but Miggy also gon’ Miggy. You may remember his errant throw back on June 1, when the catcher thought a runner was going and lofted the ball out to no one in particular. Well, he was at it again on Friday, only this time the runner was going.

There’s just nothing good to say about this game, other than to say that it’s a damn good thing it’s over. I’m looking forward to saying the same about the first half of the season.

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