Kris Bryant is Very Good at Hitting Baseballs

By this time you’ve no doubt seen all the highlights and been presented with all the stats from Kris Bryant’s monster game. For instance, I’m sure you’re aware that he became the first player in franchise history (nearly 802,000 plate appearances) to collect 16 bases in a game. And that he’s only the second Cub to have five extra-base hits in a game. I know you’ve been telling your friends all morning that while 39,188 men have doubled twice in a game and another 558 have homered three times, only one man has ever done both in the same game.

It’s all pretty standard stuff by this point, so there’s probably no reason for me to be writing this and telling you what you already know. That said, I’ll just embed this here video and let you watch the highlights again for the thousandth time. If anyone needs me, I’ll be on a yacht of the coast of Cabo.


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