Watch: Miguel Montero Exits with Knee Injury, Not Expected to Miss Time

Someone really needs to swat the injury bug that’s been buzzing around the Cubs this season. Miguel Montero was attempting to tag Brandon Moss at home when he went down awkwardly, grabbing he right leg as hit the dirt. It’s really an odd-looking play, as I would have guessed in real-time that the left leg/groin was the source of the issue. The focus in the aftermath of the play, however, was on the right leg and initial reports are that Montero’s knee is being examined.

Kris Bryant’s throw home sailed high, forcing Montero to really stretch to snag it. He didn’t quite jump, but his feet did come off the ground and he was just landing as Moss came sliding in. Unable to block the plate, Montero then had to reach back to his left to apply the tag. It appears as though that move may have torqued that right knee a bit as it buckled inward, which is always a little scary.

The catcher was able to get up and walk around under his own power, though it was with a noticeable limp. There were no specifics as of post time, but you have to hope it’s just a sprain. While we’ve speculated for some time that Miguel Montero was not playing at full strength, losing him altogether would be what the smart kids like to call “sub-optimal.” Yes, it would mean getting to see Willson Contreras, who homered after coming into the game to replace Montero, but you don’t want to throw the kid in because of necessity.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: Joe Maddon said after the game that Montero has passed all initial tests and is fine (audible sigh). He said Montero thought he felt something pop (which sounds like me every time I exceed 50% exertion) on the field but exams revealed nothing wrong with the knee. As such, the plan is to stick with his normal playing schedule. The Cubs won’t have another day off until the All-Star break and Montero’s been a little nicked up as is, so I would assume that schedule involves plenty of regular rest.

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