Cubs Clips: WATCH Kris Bryant Crush the Ball Over My Head

King Albert in the outfieldIf you read my post yesterday, the one about Addison Russell’s amazing catch in Tuesday night’s game, you’ll know that I’m in Philadelphia with my family and we were at that game. We had seats in left field, which was pretty cool because Albert Almora was also in left field, so we said ‘hi.’

I only had my iPhone and here is one of the pictures I snapped. Pretty cool to be there for his first game.

The section we were sitting in also happened to be the same section that Kris Bryant launched his sixth inning home run into. Usually, when you’re sitting eight rows up in left field you’ve got a pretty decent chance of being very close to any home run ball that gets hit. I thought that, until yesterday.

As you’ll see in this Statcast video, Kris crushed the ball with an exit velocity of 106.9 MPH at a launch angle of 27 degrees. The average home run is launched somewhere around 101 MPH and about 29 degrees. So yes, he crushed the ball and it flew really far, really fast, right over our head. And yes, we are in the video and yes, I have stopped it to look and laugh with the family. Good times.

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