Cubs Clips: WATCH Addison Russell’s Amazing Grab Against the Phillies

I was happy to be at the game last night with the wife and kids and was just strolling around pregame, sans aforementioned family, trying to take in the old ballpark. It’s a nice place to see a game, I’ll say that much. And Philadelphia is always a fun place, particularly for food.

When I spotted a divey (no, I don’t think divey is a word but I’m using it anyway) looking burger joint hiding in the corner near the smoking area I thought ‘this place is going to be good.’ So, naturally, I did what any hungry man would do and I stopped and grabbed a completely unhealthy dinner for me and said family.

After getting my greasy order filled, I began my short trek back to our seats fully loaded with two large beverage holders of food and drink. That’s when I hit the top of our section and started walking down towards our seats when suddenly I heard the crack of the bat.

Looking up, to see what was amiss, I saw the ball flying in the air heading towards left field, a sure fire single. Not so fast. Out of nowhere, Addison Russell sprung into action to make an amazing, diving catch. I felt like the play practically happened in my lap – but it didn’t, I mean I was at least a couple hundred feet from it, but you get my drift, right?

Now, you can check it out for yourself. Enjoy the magic that is Addison Russell (aka, Superman).


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