A Tip of the Recap – 6/2 (Cubs 7, Dodgers 2)

Cubs Record: 37-15 (1st in NL Central, way ahead of everyone)

W: Best 5th starter in baseball

L: Overmatched 19-year-old who will be good but hasn’t been yet


I’d love to tell you that my staff decided to keep today’s date open because they knew how much I wanted to recap my birthday game, but the truth is that I just got the June schedule out really late. That ended up being pretty serendipitous, as it was a helluva fun game to follow. I’d like to think that the Cubs busting out the big lumber was a gift to me, particularly after I’d just written about Kris Bryant’s awesomeness earlier in the day.

I had also been saying that Jason Heyward was bound to have a 100+ mph batted ball land safely here sooner or later and that only Todd Frazier (.189) had more home runs (17) and a lower BABIP than Anthony Rizzo (.224, 12). The astute statisticians among you will no doubt point out that home runs are not, in fact, balls in play, but I still find it interesting that two guys with such prodigious power potential can’t seem to find holes in the pre-fence defense.

All in all, it was an awesome day for the fans congregating in the sunlight of a beautiful Chicago afternoon and I’m now typing this as the smell of bacon and garlic sizzling in a skillet fills my house. The Cubs won, I won, and now you’re winning vicariously. Enjoy it.

The Good

Maybe the four dingers.

Maybe Kyle Hendricks being a boss.

Maybe Javy Baez flashing mad leather, which I’d have video of were it available to embed.

The Bad

Nothing, this game was awesome.

The Ugly

Gotta be the news about tronc.

Coming Attractions

The Cubs send John (3.16…ERA) Lackey to the mound to oppose Archie Bradley (2-0, 6.11 ERA) and the Diamondbacks in another matinee start. Action kicks off at 1:20pm CT as the Cubs look to keep tuning up the NL West at Wrigley. I’m just happy it’s an early start because it means I’ll be able to follow the whole game before taking my son to see Michael Bay’s newest bastardization of TMNT. I’m even more happy to be taking the family north for the weekend, which will include a trip to the bleachers for Sunday’s game.

Thanks for reading and thanks for being awesome.

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