Around the Bases: Ross’ 100th, Hendricks Looks for Support, Cubs Like Blow Out Wins

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Over the last three games the Cubs have gotten back to clubbing out runs, 27 of them to be exact. A stark contrast to the 22 runs they scored over the eight games prior. And with the weather heating up around the country, it’s safe to assume the runs are going to keep pouring in. This is going to be one heck of a fun summer in Wrigleyville.

  • In case you missed all the excitement from yesterday’s game, that means you missed David Ross hitting his 100th home run. And of course, it was celebrated by him and his teammates. A fun, not so serious, milestone for David as he continues on his year long retirement party.


  • Today, Kyle Hendricks will take the mound behind the Cubs’ offense that has given him very little run support this year. He has gotten 2.88 runs in support and that ranks as close to dead last as you can get without actually being dead last – 94th in the majors. It’s surprising when you think that the Cubs have the number one offense in the league — in several catagories — but have a pitcher who is getting very little support.
  • Of course, on the other side is Jake Arrieta, a guy who would probably still be 8-1 with 2.88 runs per game. Well, he is getting a whooping 8.1 runs per game in support, tops in the majors. If the Cubs could give Kyle eight runs today, I’m feeling pretty good about his chances.
  • While we’re on the topic of the Cubs scoring runs I thought it would be fun to look at what happens when they score a lot of runs compared to a little runs. It’s no surprise to learn that the Cubs are 17-2 in games decided by five runs or more — a little crazy that they’ve had that many high scoring games. On the flip side, the Cubs are 15-12 in games decided by four runs or less. Yesterday’s 6-2 win helped and while I’d love to see the Cubs win more of those close games, I’m not ready to say I want less of the blowout wins….those are just too much fun.

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