Cubs Clips: WATCH Cubs Clubbing Out Nine Runs Against the Cardinals

Well, yesterday’s game, and the Cardinals series in general — Tuesday’s game, more specifically — was a very good way to end what ended up being a pretty tough road series. And while the two games differ vastly in terms of how the Cubs won, the results were the same and that’s what matters the most, right?

The Cubs managed to put together back-to-back games in which they scored six runs in an inning. That’s pretty impressive, especially against the Cardinals in what turned out to be an even bigger series for the Cubs than it ordinarily would be. Of course, things got really, really close in the end but the Cubs ended up pulling out the victory yesterday and, for now, that’s what we’re celebrating. So, without further ado, here’s highlights of the Cubs magnificent six-run second inning from yesterday’s game.

A great inning, with most of the damage being done with two outs. You don’t see that happen often but when it does, it’s nice when it’s your team scoring the runs and not having the runs scored against them.

Of course, the Cubs weren’t done there. In perhaps the most important swing of the day, Kris Bryant clubbed his 10th home run and 35th RBI of the year with this majestic shot over the bullpen in left field. It turned out to be the game winning hit in a wild, somewhat crazy game.

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