Cubs Clips: WATCH Dexter Fowler Make a Fantastic Catch Against the Nationals

Dexter Fowler has been clutch for the Cubs so far this year. He’s third overall in the Majors in batting with a 1.9 fWAR and a slash line of .337/.455/.561. To say the Cubs are happy to have him back would be a mild understatement.

Of course, we haven’t even mentioned his defense. Yesterday, despite all of the talk surrounding Fowler and his huge offensive start to the season, Dexter took some time to show us all that he’s got game in the outfield too. He made a beautiful snow cone catch, crashing into the brick wall and still somehow came up with it.

Here’s a Statcast video that show’s Fowler making the play and some pretty cool stats too. He traveled 91.8 feet in his pursuit of the ball, topped out at 18.1 MPH, had a negative .17 first step and 96.7% route efficiency. If you’re wondering why a negative first step, it means he actually started moving to defend the ball before it was hit. It’s like he can see the future…

Here’s another angle of the play that a fan recorded from the stands:

And here’s Dexter posing for a snapshot:

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