PED’d Off – Can Jake Arrieta Throw Back-to-Back No-Hitters?

I know, it’s crazy talk, super sensationalism, over-hyping, almost abusive reference to no-hitter aura. But it’s worth talking about. Why? Because if there is any pitcher in today’s game that could possibly throw back-to-back no hitters, it’s Jake Arrieta.

And yes, it’s rare. In fact it’s only been done once in the history of Major League Baseball. Johnny Vander Meer is the only pitcher to throw no-hitters in consecutive appearances. The Reds left-hander threw his first verses the Boston Bees on June 11, 1938, he then did it again on June 15 with another no-hitter against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

That’s it. One time in history.

But as we all know, Jake is special. He believes in himself and I guarantee you that if you asked him behind closed doors if he thinks he can do it his answer would be close to ‘I have confidence in my ability to get batters out and my only goal is to get better. I think it can be done.’ At least that’s what I think he would say.

We all know that he is uber-motivated to succeed and get better. But, consider this, since his no-hitter there has been a lot of muttering and straight up questions about whether Jake has taken PEDs. And if you saw it, Jake handled it gracefully and his answer made you feel like he just brushed it off. He said that he takes it as a compliment, that it’s ‘flattering.’ Here’s the video:

I find it hard to believe that Jake is flattered by people suggesting he is using PEDs. I think he handled the questioning as well as anyone could have, as well as he handles the pressures of being a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues. I also believe that he is going to come out tonight like a man on fire, motivated, pissed, and out to prove something. Does that mean he’ll get a no-hitter? Probably not, but if he was going to do it, tonight would make sense. Cold blustery night, wind blowing in, pitcher at the top of his game, Jake Arrieta perhaps more motivated than he was before (which is hard to imagine).

Tune in tonight, because whatever happens it’s going to be good.

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