Cubs Clips: Video Highlights of Javier Baez’ Tremendous Slide to Steal Second Base

Last night was quite a change for the Cubs, it was a really close game. And as close games tend to do, it came down to a few critical plays. No play was more important then when Javier Baez decided to steal second base in bottom of the seventh with no outs.

The Cubs were leading 3-1 at the time of Javier’s steal and at that moment the play didn’t seem as important as it ended up being. The next two batters both got out and with two outs Anthony Rizzo came up. He hit the ball just past the right side of the second base bag to a deeply positioned, lunging second baseman who was able to stop the ball but didn’t gain complete control right away. And Baez, with more heads up baserunning, went all the way from second to home base to score the eventual game-winning run.

Here’s video of the incredible steal from Javier Baez and his slide and base tag are a thing of beauty.



And here’s a link to the video of Rizzo hitting the single to drive in Baez. The Cubs go on to win the game 4-3.

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