Jake Unflappable, Cubs Cruise to Win Against Rockies

DSC_0538Just how dominant was Jake Arrieta today? With men on first and third and two out in the bottom of the eighth inning, Joe Maddon sent him to the plate to bat. Now, that’s not completely unusual, especially if the pitcher is cruising along and expected to pitch in the ninth. You see, Arrieta didn’t pitch in the ninth, Travis Wood did. Call it what you want but I think it’s a great move and a strong pat on the back from Maddon to Arrieta. Granted, he had a comfortable six-run lead, so the Cubs weren’t trying to scratch out a win, but that’s where the luxury to do that comes from. I like it. Cubs cruise to a 6-2 win (Box Score).

Chipping in

Every Cubs’ starting offensive player got on base today. To begin the season the Cubs, as a team, lead the league in on-base percentage at .371. It’s what Theo and Joe always strive to do, and it’s simple and obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s something easy to accomplish. So far this season the Cubs are showing how it’s done in an efficient, effective manner. They aren’t afraid to take a walk because they know the guy coming up behind them can drive them in, no matter who it is.

If the Cubs continue to show this level of patience and the power hitting numbers come around like I believe they will (Cubs are 14th in the league in total home runs so far this season), things are going to continue to be very exciting all summer long.

Bombs away

Today was a perfect mid-April day. The sun was shining, people were happy and it was just one of ‘those days’ at Wrigley. So when the Cubs started to hit home runs, it turned into a party.

Anthony Rizzo started off the home run festivities in the bottom of the fourth inning with a solo shot. Not to be outdone, Jorge Soler came up after Rizzo and crushed one deep and over the wall in center field.

In the bottom of the seventh inning, with the Cubs leading 2-0, Dexter Fowler continued his hot start as he clubbed a line drive 3-run home run in the right field stands and the Cubs were in the lead 5-0.

Here’s video of the back-to-back jacks by Rizzo and Soler:

And just a little taste of what it’s like to face Jake (hint: not fun):


Next up

The Cubs close out the home stand tomorrow against the Rockies at 1:20 CDT. Jon Lester will be pitching for the Cubs as he tries to earn his second win of the year. Should be another beautiful day, friends.

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