New MLB Holiday Jerseys and Hats Unveiled

As first reported by Yahoo’s Big League Stew, MLB has unveiled its new cap and jersey designs for the various holidays that occur during the season. The special gear will be worn in honor of Memorial Day (camo), Mother’s Day (pink trim), Fathers’ Day (light blue trim), and Fourth of July (stars). Also introduced were the designs for the San Diego All-Star jerseys, which will bear the look of the 80’s Padres uniforms.

MLB will donate royalties from the sales of the holiday apparel to a corresponding charity. Mother’s Day proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen and Stand Up to Cancer, Father’s Day to Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, Memorial Day to Welcome Back Veterans here in the States and the Support Our Troops Fund in Canada, and Fourth of July to Welcome Back Veterans. There are no release dates for these items yet, but I’d guess you won’t have to wait too long to get your hot little hands on them. Check the Shop or stores like Wrigleyville Sports for availability.

The slideshow below only includes examples of the Cubs hats and jerseys, but has got an amazingly detailed look at all 300+ new looks. I really like the Mother’s and Father’s Day (except for the black trim on the bullseye logo) stuff, particularly the hats. The Memorial day hats are pretty sweet too, though I think the Fourth of July stuff is a bit gaudy. I must say, however, that I appreciate the detail of having the Blue Jays’ design featuring maple leafs (is it still “leafs” if it’s not the hockey team?) instead of stars. Very cool.

I also think the Home Run Derby jerseys are straight fire. Just awesome.

Personally, I can’t wait to see Pedro Strop rocking these hats cocked to the left. Judging from the early Twitter feedback, however, the distaste for the Cubs/Pads hybrid caps ranges from “hard pass” to “I’d rather give birth to the Antichrist without the benefit of an epidural.” The regular All-Star caps are a bit easier on the eyes though, and the stars on the eyelets are a nice touch. What do you think?

All photos via Big League Stew, many from Twitter.

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