Anthony Rizzo’s Tribute to Starlin Castro, Will it Stay or Go?

The crowd was pumped up and ready to go this past Monday night, it was the Cubs’ home opener after all. There were the newly renovated digs, the customary military plane fly-over, a tribute to the Cubs’ fallen hero, Kyle Schwarber, it was all in there cast in an energetic wave of baseball.

And then, the game started. People had to kind of snap out of the trance they were in and remember why they were there. By the end of the night the Cubs had done their best to make it hard to forget. That’s one thing about this team, they tend to do things differently, in a way that creates an echo around them that touches everyone that’s near.

So when Anthony Rizzo came up to bat in the first inning and his walk-up song started to play, people started jumping, clapping and yelling. They realized it was “Ando En La Versace” by Omega, and that used to be the popular walk-up song for former Cubs player (now Yankee) Starlin Castro. In a night full of sweet surprises, this one was certainly a crowd-pleaser.

When Rizzo was asked about it after the Cubs’ 5-3 win he said, “He [Starlin] was part of this organization for a long time and taught me a lot. Out of respect to him I’ll probably just do it that one time.” After he made those comments, the press continued to question him about it. Rizzo didn’t necessarily recant his statement but he did say, “Maybe I’ll have to re-evaluate that because everyone went so crazy.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance. Just what we wanted to hear, maybe about 350 more times this season.

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