Cubs New Clubhouse Looks Pretty Sweet

As if getting back to Chicago following a season-opening 5-1 road trip (though can you really call it a road trip when you were never home in the first place?) wasn’t good enough as is, the Cubs got their first look at a fully overhauled clubhouse. While the throwback mystique of a century-old ballpark might be nice for fans, the dated and dingy clubhouse wasn’t necessarily a selling point. In keeping with the updates to the rest of the park, the Cubs made it a point to provide their overhauled team with a remodeled space.

According a a team press release on Friday, the clubhouse has expanded from 11,000 square feet to more than 30,000 square feet. Players and coaches can now enjoy a new locker room, strength and conditioning center, training and hydrotherapy areas, media interview room, offices and a player lounge/dining room. Yes, please.

Oh, the Cubs also added an underground batting tunnel behind the dugout.

So what did the players think?

Seeing that video reminded me of final reveal on those shows where people get dumpy houses remodeled into dream homes. Given that ballplayers spend almost as much time in the clubhouse as they do their own homes, that’s pretty much what this was.

Can’t wait to get a closer look at this place.

Not clubhouse related, but filed under “Opening Day Awesomeness” is the fact that the Cubs have replaced Kyle Schwarber’s home run ball atop the right field Schwarboard for tonight’s game. I have been critical of the biz ops team in the past, but I have to say they’ve really been doing well with stuff like this over the past couple seasons.

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