Pregame: Cubs @ Dbacks; Lineup, Soler In Left Field – 7:10 CDT

Looks like Joe is going to keep Soler in the lineup today even against the right-handed ace, Zach Greinke. It’s a vote of confidence early in the season from Maddon and helps to get Jorge in the mindset that he will be getting a lot of playing time going forward. Time for Jorge to grow and progress toward being the player we all know he can be. The guy has all-star potential so here’s hoping he gets there sooner than later.

Here’s the lineup for today’s matchup:

Kyle Hendricks (R) @ Diamondbacks – Zack Greinke (R)
1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF
2. Jason Heyward (L) RF
3. Ben Zobrist (S) 2B
4. Anthony Rizzo (L) 1B
5. Kris Bryant (R) 3B
6. Miguel Montero (L) C
7. Jorge Soler (R) LF
8. Addison Russell (R) SS
9. Kyle Hendricks (R) P

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