Theo Epstein Interview: Theo Talks Team, Bullpen and Process

Theo Epstein, Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations, was interviewed on Saturday, March 26, 2016, by Len Kasper during the game against the Giants. If you have a few minutes, take some time to watch the interview below. I’ve highlighted a few key points that Theo made during the interview.

  • He’s very pleased with the way spring camp has gone this year. The players feel connected with each other, they’re all here for the right reasons, all working hard, pretty humble, pretty hungry and ready to prove they’re good.
  • Feels like the team has a special opportunity to do something special together.
  • Too much gets made of the opening day roster (I couldn’t agree more, it gets way overanalyzed). Even though the roster may start with eight relievers, things change throughout the season and needs change so the lineup will continue to be flexible to address those changing needs throughout the long season.
  • Bullpen is generally unpredictable and based a lot on individual performances in order to measure the collective performance. There is no magic formula for the bullpen, it really just depends on the individuals you have available and how you can use them in game situations.
  • He spoke a little about feeling responsible when things go wrong or aren’t going well, more so than feeling ownership for wins or when things go right; that, he said, belongs to the players and coaches.
  • Talks about the process and being patient with it.

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