Watch Kris Bryant High School Video Footage

I saw this, I thought it was cool, I decided to share it. If you haven’t seen it before, I think you’ll really like it too.

There are a few things I love about this. First, Kris just comes off as a genuinely nice kid. I mean, seriously, he is so likable. If I had to choose between a kitten or Kris it would not be an easy choice.

Second, his swing looks so fluid even back then. Seriously, what in the heck were his teammates thinking when they saw him hit batting practice? I’ll tell you what they were thinking, “Man, this guy is awesome” and “we’re so gonna win state this year” (they didn’t, I checked).

And lastly, I love the part at about 1:30 where he says, “I like getting started in September because baseball is fun.” And those are the three magic words.

Enjoy the video.

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