Jason Heyward Talks About Winning a World Series With the Cubs – VIDEO

It’s always interesting to hear what the new guy thinks, especially when that guy happens to be Jason Heyward. He’s certainly got an interesting perspective too, playing five years with the Braves and one year with the Cardinals, two clubs with rich winning histories. So yes, he knows what he’s talking about.

A few interesting notes from the video (below):

  • He likes the attitude and experience of the team and, after last year’s unexpected playoff run, calls them “hungry”
  • He’s made it clear that he’s a team guy and that he’s there to support anyone who needs him throughout the long season
  • He clearly understands the ups and downs that occur on a winning team, and any team for that matter, throughout the season and he grasps what is takes to make it through on top
  • When asked about the rivalry between the Cubs and St. Louis he says there isn’t much of a rivalry because the Cubs haven’t managed to win like the Cardinals have – touché

Here’s the video:

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