Pregame Chatter: Cubs 2016 Slogan: Try Not To Suck

Gotta love the new Cubs 2016 slogan that popped up over the weekend: Try Not To Suck. A portion of the sales from the shirt will benefit Joe’s Respect 90 Foundation, which held a hair shaving event this weekend before the Cubs v Reds game.

Today the Cubs have 2 games, split squad. At the Rockies at 1:10 and verses the Royals at Sloan Park at 1:05. Here are both lineups, in case you’re trying to decide which one to go to. If you’re up for it you can always join me at both games!!! Why not, they’re only 5 miles or so apart.

Cubs v Royals lineup: Zobrist 2B Russell SS Schwarber C Baez CF Victorino RF La Stella 3B Almora LF Vogelbach DH Negron 1B Hammel P

Cubs v Rockies lineup: Fowler CF Heyward RF Bryant 3B Rizzo 1B Soler LF Montero C Davis DH Alcantara 2B Kawasaki SS Brooks P

I’m liking the Cubs lineup verses the Rockies since it most resembles what I expect to be the regular season lineup from Fowler through Soler, perhaps. This will be a fun one and the game I’m going to first. Hope to see you there!!

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