Post Game: Cubs v Diamondbacks – (UPDATE w/ VIDEO)

This was not the best game defensively. Adam Warren, who started the game, gave up some hard hits and early runs as he got his Cubs career off to a rocky start. I was excited to see him pitch but really wish I saw something from him that made me think he could be a starter. Not today, but it’s early and I’m sure the best is yet to come so stayed tuned.

Dexter Fowler absolutely plastered a home run over the right field wall. Welcome back, Dex!! You can see the video here:

Jason Heyward showed us why he is such a stud too. There was a sharp hit line drive in the bottom of the fourth that looked like he might catch it. It fell just short of him but on one hop he picked it and quickly gunned down the runner advancing to second from first on the play. It was something you don’t see happen often and it was sweet to see it coming from a Cubs outfielder. Absolutely the play of the game.

The final outcome was 8-3 in favor of the Dbacks. The Cubs bullpen just couldn’t get established and the defense was pretty sloppy at times…..kinda what you’d expect in spring training.

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