Cubs v Reds – Spring Training Game 3

Selfie with Joe Maddon at the Respect Bald event

The day started with Respect Bald which was a really neat event to raise money for Joe Maddon’s Cubs charity to assist children with Cancer. A fantastic cause and a fun event to go along with it. It’s always good to see how the players and coaches give back to the community. Afterward, Joe gave autographs and took pictures with fans for about an hour. The guy is a super class act. His energy is incredible.

The game today was fun too. The clouds covered up the sun and helped cool it off a bit (strange concept compared to Chicago winters, I know). Miguel Montero stole the show, going 3 for 3 with a home run, 2 runs and an RBI. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate into a Cubs win as they fell 4-2.

Lots of players rotating in and out of the game, as you would expect. Spring training is pretty much a good reason to get 15,000 happy people together for a big party and to spend time with the team and players they love so much. If you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your favorite players and coaches, spring training is the place to do it and Arizona is amazing this time of year. And yes, that was me just inviting, practically begging you to come see the Cubs here before the end of March. Pretty please….you won’t be disappointed!

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