10 Bold Predictions for the Cubs in 2016

Y’all know the drill by now, right? I make predictions in January, then follow up on them throughout the year to see how they’re doing. Keep in mind that I’m not getting Baylessian on you here. While I want to stretch the bounds of possibility, I’m not just shouting loudly into the void or vomiting out whatever asinine drivel will get the most people talking. But if Skip’s paycheck is any proof, maybe I should start removing any semblance of reason or accountability from my writing.

  • Kris Bryant will hit 40+ home runs
  • Three second-year players will make the All-Star team
  • Jake Arrieta will repeat as Cy Young
  • The Cubs will win 100 games
  • Jason Heyward will hit 25 home runs
  • Anthony Rizzo and Addison Russell will win Gold Gloves
  • Kyle Schwarber will be a good left fielder
  • Theo Epstein will get a 5-year, $40 million extension
  • John Lackey will not yell at any teammates
  • No one will freak out when the Cubs lose the season opener

See, nothing too crazy. I want to remind you that I’m not saying all of these things are going to happen and I’m definitely not planning to seek out a bookie to lay down prop bets on any of them. At the same time, the coming to fruition of any of the above predictions wouldn’t knock me on my rear end. Actually, no, people not freaking out right away would kind of shock me.

So what do you think? Am I crazy? Which ones are most/least likely to come true? Got any predictions of your own? Let’s hear ’em.

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