Maddon to Cubs Appears Imminent, Renteria Would Move On

I just posed the question on Twitter just a little while ago: Does anyone out there really doubt this Joe Maddon to the Cubs thing actually gets done at this stage?

I forgot rather quickly that I was speaking to Cubs fans.

There are reasons why I won’t come right out and say this is a done deal; there isn’t much upside for me there. However, one of the reasons is definitely the history of this organization, and Chicago sports in general for that matter. But let’s just say it would take a Cubbie Occurrence of Dave McGinnis proportions for Maddon to not be donning a blue cap by early next week at the latest.

Now, as for the out-of-the-box thought that Ricky Renteria could actually stay in the Cubs organization in some capacity? That isn’t going to happen. It never made much sense in the first place, but the possibility was actually thrown out there by some local media peeps.

The smarter facet of the locals didn’t see the sense in it though.

If there isn’t a press conference scheduled at the conclusion of the World Series for Friday or Monday at the latest, well, then…Cubs.

As for Renteria, some feel this way.

Still, I’m glad the Cubs have a front office that will be cold-blooded if they need to be. At this point, I think it is safe to start exuding some confidence.

Are you expecting a Maddon trick or treat?

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